Bola Olawale



Am i?

I am a Life and relationship Coach with almost 20 years of practical experience working with women and couples from all walks of life. Positive self-esteem, purposeful living and self-worth are all central to my coaching techniques.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and help you. My purpose is to empower you on your path to a better life! I have the education, work experience, and proven tools to create a safe environment that is ideal and fosters results.


I work closely with my clients to identify goals for their future and generate action plans to meet those goals! I offer general life and relationship coaching, and provide the support necessary for moving towards a desired life.

My philosophy in coaching is: “Step up! Speak up and Stand out" This means I get to the core of your goals using biblical principles that are proven effective through in-depth discussions, carefully contemplated intentions and specific measures in accountability - together we can empower your ability to remove what's standing in your way of living your best life



Do i do?

A Women’s  Life & Relationship Coach is a professional guide who can help you navigate the challenges you encounter in relationships and help you identify the barriers that keep you from living the life you want and then arming you with an action plan for your healing journey, a Women’s  Life Coach will help you set yourself free from the past, embrace the present such that you no longer fear the future. If you work with a Life & relationship Coach, you will be empowered to transform from a place of anxiety or fear to a place of hope and happiness.

  • Are you ready to move from a place of just surviving to a place of thriving?

  • Do you want to live a more authentic life as the woman you are really meant to be? Or have a thriving marriage?

  • Are you tired of being defined by pain from the past?

  • Would you like some help recognizing the obstacles and barriers that are holding you back from having a more fulfilled marriage?

  • Are you interested in having an unbiased, professional guide to aid your journey?

If you are interested in a healthier, happier marriage and life, let’s have a conversation and discover how I might be able to help.




Is involved?



  • 20 min - 60 min coaching sessions in a 1:1 setting.

  • Each week covers a different topic for us to discuss and implement via “homework”.

  • Discovering mindset tool and strategies

  • Accountability & forward planning

  • Feel more motivation to do LIFE!


  • All sessions are to be held on Zoom and are recorded

  • All session links will be uploaded

  • Please be in a quiet place, our sessions that we’re about to embark on is all about you and for you only. Distractions aren’t allowed.

  • Have your laptop or computer ready & a notepad for you to write down notes.


  • I will have 2 weekly or monthly catch up sessions available for you to book in case you need that extra support. This is for you to gain more clarity.



I'd offer you

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Relationship Assessment

Take a relationship assessment that has helped many couples

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Virtual Coaching Sessions

3 or 6 months of virtual coaching sessions to teach, guide, and hold you accountable to implementing the most effective relationship skills .

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Action Plan

With your personal assessment results, elevate each of your identified 'strength & growth' areas with a personalized action plan.

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Weekly Emails

Weekly accountability email coaching on the action plan from each session.



Coaching Programs

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Coffee on Desk

"A marriage is not hopeless because of the size of the problem but the absence of the motivation needed to tackle the problem."

Bola Olawale

Book A
Discovery Call

This fully immersive and interactive experience lasts for 45 minutes. This no-obligation consultation allows us to find out about each other.

We will identify, explore and understand key areas of your life including your current challenges, goals, desires and aspirations for the future.


It is important we work well together, and that you are confident that I am the right coach for you, and that I am happy you will benefit from my coaching expertise.

Once this is established, we can discuss the next steps of your coaching journey to achieving positive changes in your life.


All calls will be done using ZOOM.

Please use the Discovery Call calendar to book a date and time.