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Living Single and Happy

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Do you believe that every one of your pals is in a relationship? And it appears that many people around you are getting married one after another. You may find being single exceedingly awkward. There is a great deal of social shame and anxiety connected with "failure" to find a partner, and because you appear to be the "odd one out," there is a tendency to believe that you're single because you're undesirable or unlovable. Obviously, this is not the case. You must know that you cannot compare the journeys of two individuals. 2 Cor 10:12 : "Because we do not dare to count ourselves or compare ourselves to those who commend themselves; but those who measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves among themselves are foolish."

How can you then be single and happy? The following suggestions will be useful for you on this journey.

  • Prioritize the appropriate relationships: Avoid isolating yourself. Make friends and participate in the community. There is a strong correlation between social connectedness and psychological health, and social isolation and separation almost invariably result in anxiety and depression.

  • Make time for yourself: Take care of yourself, give yourself time, and focus on yourself. The time has come to decide your true life goals. It is a wonderful opportunity to "date" oneself and become acquainted.

  • Participate in group activities: "Enroll in a course or launch a side business." Utilize the fact that your evenings and weekends are free and that you are not constrained by someone else's schedule. Whether it's taking a painting class or starting a side business, you now have the freedom to explore your passions. It's an opportunity to find new enjoyable hobbies and pastimes.

  • Set goals and maintain a growth mindset: Being single permits us to hold ourselves accountable, provide for ourselves, make our own decisions, and pursue our own objectives. Utilize this time to clarify your personal, financial, and other objectives. Each time you achieve a new aim, pause to consider how far you've come. It is essential to maintain perspective while being single in order to prevent feeling sorry for oneself during what could be a beautiful period.

  • Pray and make bold declarations: Indeed, prayer alters circumstances and perceptions. Pray without ceasing and make bold biblical declarations regarding every situation.

Always remind yourself that you and your prospective mate are on a path of becoming.

Consider the following:

  • "They're putting in the work necessary to be the person I need in a relationship, and so am I.”

  • " When the time is right, we will unite to continue this journey of life together. "

Remember that you will not remain single forever. It is really a question of time. This season will soon end. If you desire to be in a relationship in the future, it will most likely occur. Statistically, you will almost certainly enter into a relationship at some point, and while marriage can be wonderful, the sacrifices it implies are rarely discussed.

Additionally, as a Christian with faith, God always answers prayers. Therefore, enjoy your independence while it lasts! Everyone deserves happiness, whether they are single or not. When you are able to accept your single status and use the time to develop your sense of self-worth and clarity about what you actually want, the positive effects will ripple throughout your life. Enjoying your own company and loving who you are, regardless of whether you are single or married, is superior to any relationship

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