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Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you  need help navigating issues such as repetitive arguments, lack of intimacy, excessive criticism of and by your partner, and overall dissatisfaction in your marriage? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes ,and you want to have a healthy relationship, then enroll today

When you join Couples Coaching,

you're learning to...

  • Communicate in a way that encourages deep understanding and shared meaning;

  • Problem solve any solvable issue in your path;

  • Accept your spouse's personality variations

  • Appreciate the qualities your partner offers to the relationship;

  • Alter your thinking to support your partnership;

  • Work together toward your God-given ambitions and desires. 



Our Couples Coaching is all about helping couples create a dynamic, respectful, loving “godly conscious relationship” that is fulfilling and lasting 

Couples Coaching clients can be either an individual or a couple, depending on their needs. Most of the time, they are experiencing some kind of trouble in their relationship and are seeking advice on how to improve different aspects of their relationship, including communicating and strengthening their personal relationship. 


Improved Communication

Listening to the other's needs

Dispute Resolution

Increasing Intimacy Bond

Here's what the Couples coaching program will offer you under my guidance

Session 1-3

You will be assisted in identifying a more favorable course for the relationship to go. This might include determining the following: 

The challenges that exist at the moment 


  • What are the common values that the couple share? 

  • What can they take away from the values and needs of each partner?

  • What methods do they use to communicate with one another?

  • Do their personal styles complement one another?

  • What strategies can they use to improve their communication skills?

  • What is their ultimate aim in working with our couples coaching services? 


 Identifying areas for mutual growth. 


  • Aligning their own personal ideals and requirements with those of their spouse. 

  • What actions may be used to demonstrate their affection, respect, and love for their partner?

  • Look at the developing habits of your household. 

Session 4-8

The couples will be assisted  in re-discovering love and appreciation for one another.

  • Participate in a solution-focused approach to their challenges.

  • Obtain agreement from the couple on the values and vision for their partnership. 

  • Engage in coordinated talks in order to assist them in reconnecting. 

  • Allow forgiveness to take place inside the family system. 

We utilize a  biblical approach and  an inclusive point of view that helps couples build a foundation of trust, which allows for deeper inner talks to emerge and for the relationship to progress toward maturity and growth.

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