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10 Weeks

About Course

Do you hate the way your marriage is right now?

Do you want to get real about what’s not working–and get back to loving your marriage?

You don’t have to waste any more time feeling miserable about your marriage (or your life)…

Let’s talk…

  • Are you tired of trying so hard to make your marriage work, yet it seems all you do isn’t making any difference at all?

  • Do you feel like you have no time (or mental capacity) to do what you really want to do, because you spend so much time dealing with what you “have to” do?

  • Are you fed up with being unappreciated and disrespected?

  • Do your current conversations with your spouse exhaust you rather than excite you?

  • Do you sometimes feel like a fraud with friends and family because you’re doing and saying things that aren’t totally in alignment (most likely because someone else told you what you should feel and say)?

  • And, above all: Do you feel drained, bored and –let’s just put it out there–trapped by your own marriage?

If any or all of this sounds familiar, you are So not alone.
There are so many women around the globe struggling with a general lack of joy and fulfillment in their marriage. 
Even though your marriage might have started as a pathway to your dream life and the family you love, it can easily turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful. 

•    A demanding life and relationship problems that seem to pile up.
•    Relationships with family and friends that don’t feel quite right (but you continue to relate with them anyway). 
•    Tasks that take up too much time and energy.

Over time, any or all of the above can zap your energy, joy and happiness–and literally make you dread being in your own marriage.
Sounds dramatic doesn’t it, but think about it:

  • Do you feel like anytime you and your spouse argue or have a misunderstanding, you wonder what you are still doing in the marriage?

  • If you feel like you are living your life constantly struggling to keep the peace in an effort to not provoke a negative reaction from your partner, that’s a strong clue that you need help

  • Is there constant heartache, a lack of security, connection or intimacy?

  • Is there is distance between you both?

  • Do you have trust issues?

  • Are You Creating Yet another Reason to Hate Being in your Marriage (Even Though You Love Your Spouse)?

Whether you’re in a pattern of letting friends and family overstep their boundaries, cut corners and put you in a pinch…Or you literally dread waking up to work on your marriage and delivering on your part….Or you just aren’t loving running your own marriage like you thought you would…
One thing is for sure:

  • You CAN Change Toxic Patterns and Behaviors–and Get Back to Loving Your Marriage!

  • Seriously, 

  • it’s possible to trim your to-do list so it’s packed with tasks you love–and not stuff you’d rather not even think about (let alone actually do).

  • It’s possible to set firm boundaries and teach others to treat you with dignity and respect.

  • It’s possible to start feeling grateful for your spouse, the children and the life you live as a whole –all over again.

  • Yep. There is a solution; and it all starts inside your mind!

Your Instructor

Bola Olawale

This quick and easy self-study course will guide you through meeting your authentic self, getting past harmful habits, and pushing the reset button on your marriage (and ultimately, your life). By taking a quick pause to re-assess a few things and get your mindset right about your marriage.


Marriage makeover helps you finally start to love being married again!

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Here's What You'll Get In The Marriage Course

Whether you want to improve your current relationship but you are not sure where to begin, you want to be the best you can be for you partner and have the best relationship possible, Wife Academy can help. This 10-week online program provides the vital elements to a successful marriage.


Through meeting your authentic self


Getting past harmful habits


Pushing the reset button on your marriage


The Core Curriculum

There are six core learning Modules, plus a comprehensive library of bonus trainings, advanced trainings, and masterclasses to help you develop the skills to build a successful marriage.


Ditch Everything (and Everyone) That Brings You Down

Successful Marriages are planted on the foundation of the Word

Take inventory of who and what’s draining you, so you can decide what to do about it and bring joy back to your marriage and your life. 

We'll cover:

Decide what work (and chores) to switch, ditch or delegate–so you can eliminate the work you dread from your daily to-dos, for real.