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With all the planning and preparation of a wedding, it’s easy to forget about your most important investment - the marriage relationship. Weddings last a day, but marriage is designed to be a source of lifetime fulfillment, and joy. This Newlywed Course will be a must for any couple no matter how long they’ve been together.


It’s proven that great investments in the right places can result in the life of your dreams. This is your Investment Plan. For years to come you will use the valued resources you will discover in this course to help adjust and re-adjust your heart that will take you to your preferred life together


After purchasing this course:

  • We will send you an email that will provide you a link to access this course.

  • You will log in using your email address and a password that you create (couples can share the same login info).

  • Once you log in, we encourage you to take our assessment which will help us guide you where to start.


This course comes with lifetime access and you can go at your own pace. If you do not receive an email, please contact us at

Your Instructor

Bola Olawale

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The Newlywed Course is for couples who are already engaged or those who are in the early formative years of married life together.  It is designed for couples to help ensure they have the best possible start to their married life together.


The course is based on Biblical principles and these timeless truths and practices work for all couples with or without a faith background.

Newly Weds/




6 Weeks

Who is this course for?

  • Engaged couples and newlyweds who want to be together forever.

  • Married couples who want to re-ignite their love and passion for their marriage, and each other.

  • Newly Married Couples Who Want To Avoid Common Mistakes of Married Life

  • Also a GREAT GIFT For Men & Women About To Enter Into Wedded Bliss

Why should i invest time & money in this course?

In this amazing and comprehensive course on married life, you will learn everything you always needed to know to create the Successful Marriage of your dreams.


The Video Lessons are easy to understand and easy to apply.

Each video is jam-packed with invaluable information and strategies you can use for a lifetime.  ​

Benefits of this course

This course will equip you with sustainable techniques to navigate the ever-changing journey of marriage.

  • You will have the basic skills to resolve conflicts.

  • You will have communication techniques to take your relationship to the next level.

  • You will know how to demonstrate love in a way that your partner will understand and appreciate.

  • You can do the Together forever ( Newly Wed/ Pre- Marriage Course)  separately from your spouse or with your spouse

  • You can do the Together Forever course at your own pace and discuss answers when you want

  • You can do the Together Forever ( Newly Wed/ Pre- Marriage Course) where you want; from your desktop, sitting at the beach or together at the kitchen table.​

  • You control how, when and where you create the successful marriage of your dreams.