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You need this "Property Planner"!


Whether overseeing a single property or a vast real estate portfolio, our "Property Planner" is your trusty sidekick, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail.
Comprehensive Organization: Stay on top of all property matters with dedicated sections like a Password Tracker, Account Tracker, and Tenant Details forms.

Thorough Tenant Management: Easily delve into tenant backgrounds with our Tenant Questionnaire and monitor all aspects of tenancy effortlessly.

Effortless Scheduling: Seamlessly arrange property showings using our Showing Schedule and maintain meticulous records with our Property Register form.
Maintenance & Upkeep: Keep your property in prime condition with tools like Property Inspection, 
Maintenance, and Renovation Logs.

Financial Insights: Gain a clear overview of your financial status with features like Income Tracker, Profit/Loss log, Expenses Tracker, and more.
Smart Financial Planning: Strategize using tools such as the Upcoming Expenses log, Debt Payoff log, and Tax Payments Log.
Crucial Tracking: Stay on top of payments with our Bill Tracker and manage recurring expenses using the Subscriptions tracker.


Secure Data Management: Safeguard essential information with features like an Alarm Information log, Insurance Details log, and Contact List, ensuring accessibility and security.
Enhanced Profits: Track vacancies and rental income with the Vacancy/Rent tracker and Utilities log.
Client Management: Foster strong client connections with our comprehensive Client Tracking log.
Convenience: Capture quick notes or important reminders effortlessly with ample Note space available.

Property Planner

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