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You Can’t Fix a Problem, You Can’t Identify

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Many people in today's world do not have access to the solutions they require in order to deal with the challenges they face. In addition to this, they do not have the self-assurance or trust that it is possible to restore the aspects of their lives, marriages, families, and even nation that currently appears to be broken. It's possible that the problem is a failed marriage. Possibly a job that seems to lead nowhere. It could also be as a result of having the wrong mindset. Whatever it is that has rendered so many Christians helpless also seems to have extinguished any hope that there is a solution.

Keep in mind that it will be difficult to find a solution to an issue if you either don't know what caused it or choose to ignore it. Hope is lost whenever there is an emphasis placed not on the sins that are the root cause of the symptoms, but rather on the symptoms themselves. When looking for a solution, it is essential to investigate the underlying cause of the problem. A disproportionately high number of people, politicians, and even pastors are fixating on symptoms rather than tackling the underlying roots of the rot in the system and our society. We need to address the spiritual difficulties that are the root cause of our current brokenness if we ever hope to bring order back into our lives, our homes, our churches, and even our nation.

Is there a part of your life in which you have kept yourself from recognizing the cause of an issue, which has kept you from healing or getting the upper hand on it? It's time to really look inwards and ask the questions that need to be addressed so you can find the solutions needed. Denying the facts does not proffer a solution. Ask the Lord to show you the areas of your life that need help, and be vulnerable enough to ask God to help you overcome those challenges. Remember that this should not be a one-time thing. The more time spent with God, the more self-examination needs to be done.

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