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Bad Girls Now Good!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I have always been inquisitive, even as a little girl. I’ve heard countless stories of my escapades, which my mum loves to tell, especially to my children. They usually find it so hilarious, and my teenage daughter always has a witty comment after each not so complimentary tale. “Hmmm! Pastor Mrs.” she would say, looking at me in a funny way. While my childhood escapades stories might not always be ‘glamorous’; and some I wonder what I was thinking when they occurred. I’m glad they’re being passed on, because every story has its purpose; even if it’s just for the nice bonding experience we have when they’re shared, I think it’s worth it. But seriously, spending time with people and listening to their stories is something I always find intriguing. I usually learn something new from such meetings.

I recall having in my office a woman I have come to respect and cherish so dearly; even though we rarely spend time together, she is one of the few people I call my sister and friend. ‘Friend’ is not a word I use lightly, and so I have very few friends. I believe a friend is someone I should feel free to be ‘stupid’ with, who will not condemn me just because I happen to be human. That’s a story for another day😁

So, there we were lounging on the sofa, talking and she began to talk about a conference she attended the week before, where she had to talk to young ladies. She felt led to share stories of her ‘bad days’ before she met the Lord. The ladies present were shocked and commented on how she did not look like someone who had done such things, because now she’s a ‘woman of God’ and appeared so holy. Lots of them decided to give their lives to Christ after she spoke. We laughed at all the comments, but indeed she’s totally different now from her tales of yesteryears. She’s yet another proof of God’s unconditional grace, His ability to transform the unlikely to become celebrated.

During a Single Ladies’ Conference I anchored a few years ago, I was so glad to see the ladies open up about various challenges they had overcome or were still going through. I believe it’s expected of us to be genuine in our walk with God, helping others know that it is okay to have been bad and that God specializes in rewriting stories.

The Bible is filled with stories of bad girls gone good. Rahab is one of my favourites. She was one of the ‘scums’- the kind we judge, condemn and believe do not deserve the best. For heaven’s sake, she was a ‘call girl’, selling her body for money. Yet, God in His infinite goodness brought her into His fold. He did not just redeem her; He brought her into Jesus’ earthly lineage. She became blessed beyond measure, more than what any man could have done for her.

It does not matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, God can rewrite your story. His arms are outstretched, waiting on you to let down the red rope like Rahab did- a sign of surrender, a sign that she needed rescuing. There’s no need pretending you have it all together when you do not. Like Rahab you might have heard about the saving power of God, His mighty acts and what He’s done for others. Let faith be stirred in your heart too, call out to God for help. It’s not over; it can’t be over, except you accept so.

There’s still a ‘saviour’ to be born through you; it could be ministry, business, idea, solution, etc. Rise above the guilt and condemnation that seeks to keep you bound; accept the sure mercies of God that desire to make you a wonder to your world. I believe God has great things in store for you. Don’t dwell in the shadow; step into the light. Greatness is calling.

It’s your time to SHINE!!!

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