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Why Does Being Helpful to Others Bring You Happiness?

The good news is that God is the true source of happiness, wisdom, peace, hope and strength. If you have a relationship with God, as your Lord and savior then you have the source of happiness. All of the things you receive in your life that give you happiness are because you believe in God. When you know this, you will want to share what you have with others. There are certain heroes who do not wear capes. (Our unsung heroes)There are many admirable people in the world who go about their lives helping others without asking for anything in return. But why is it that so many people are eager to assist other people? Where is the benefit in it for them?

In the following article, you will learn the reasons why and why you should also strive to live this way.

  • Giving back to the community gives you a sense of purpose in life. It is the same as taking a trip without knowing where you will end up if you go through life without a sense of direction or purpose. It's possible that at first the prospect will sound exciting, but sooner or later, you'll find that you've had enough of everything. You'll start to wonder why you were sent on this earth in the first place. Your goal can be anything you want it to be, but assisting other people is a fantastic place to start. Why? Because you are able to see how many people's lives you have changed and how many people you have assisted in some way. To begin assisting another individual, you don't need to fulfill a whole lot of prerequisites. To get started, all you need is the passion, the willingness, and the patience to donate some of your time, skills, and possibly even some of your own money.

  • You have a positive attitude toward yourself. Helping other people boosts your own self-esteem as well as the self-esteem of the people you help. You begin to have the sensation that you are finally capable of something worthwhile in this world. You are not exaggerating when you say that you feel like a million bucks. Your self-assurance will increase, and you'll be able to make judgments that you'll be able to live with; you'll no longer waver or question your judgment. You'll at last be in a position to take pleasure in your life and live it the way you envision for yourself.

  • Establish genuine connections with others. When you go out of your way to help other people, you immediately create a connection with those people. This is especially true in circumstances in which the assistance you provide can determine whether another person achieves their goals or not, or even whether they live or die. The recipients of your assistance will consider themselves to be in your debt.

If you want your circle of positivity to extend, you should encourage those who have benefited from it to "pay it forward" by assisting others. Be mindful, though, that not everyone will show the same level of appreciation for your efforts. There are always going to be those people who wish to continue taking advantage of you. When that happens, you need to sever all ties with them and focus your efforts on helping others who will be more grateful. It encourages you to reflect on all the positive aspects of your life.

When you go out of your way to help others, you have the opportunity to examine yourself and your circumstances from the perspective of those around you. You will come to understand how very blessed and fortunate you are to be in a position to assist others. The knowledge of this fact will assist you in remaining grounded and humble.

"I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore, my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure. Psalm 16:8–9

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