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What is The 
Relationship Academy?

It is made up of comprehensive courses designed for women in different stages of their marriage with the singular purpose of helping women excel  as wives and learn the secrets that will transform their marriages for good. Women are not given the sole responsibility for growing the marriage in Scripture, and neither are men. But what is true is that the only person you can change is yourself. (In the Relationship academy we focus on the woman).

Hitting men over the head with their inadequacy as a husband, or father has never worked. The only thing that changes men is when they want to change, and what makes them want to change and do change are the utilization of biblical principles for marriage.


Healthy Marriages

Great marriages don’t happen by luck or by accident. They are the result of a consistent investment of time, prayer, mutual respect, forgiveness, thoughtfulness, affection and a solid commitment between a husband and a wife.


God has given us the principles but we need to imbibe then in order to reap the benefits. The Relationship Academy is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you in practical terms how to excel as a wife but also arms you with the secrets and strategies that will help you master the art of marriage.

But above all else.......

The Relationshi Academy will give you the confidence to finally become a marriage champion and learn how to have a spectacular marriage.


Behind every relationship challenge, are many reasons which may vary and range from  jealousy, closed communication, unforgiveness, not knowing how to make your spouse happy, in-laws, regret and so much more. All these can adversely affect a marriage 


Identifying these potential crises and addressing them early, can save a relationship. 


Working on your relationship should  be ongoing throughout a relationship and can be both an enjoyable and empowering process.


Being in Love is not enough to guarantee a lasting, healthy relationship. There is more to marriage than love


Investing in your relationship should be a priority- like investing in your career and other aspects of your life.


Enroll into the Relationship Academy today and become the Wife you’re capable of being and enjoy your marriage

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A marriage is not hopeless because of the size of the problem but the absence of the motivation needed to tackle the problem.

2 become 1 Academy Courses

The Relationship Academy Courses



Designed to  teach you the skills to master the art of communication free of any fighting, bitterness, or distrust.



In this practical bible based course you'll not only discover new aspects of how to make your marriage last, but also the most critical and impactful skills to really have your relationship thrive

Resolve & Renew

5-Day Mini-Course for Couples! If you're looking for ways to improve your marriage, deepen trust or connection, or just manage conflicts better, then this program is perfect for you


Newly Weds/

This course will teach you how to keep your relationship fresh and also arm you with the secrets and strategies that will help you master the art of marriage.

Marriage makes us better if we drop our defenses and open ourselves up to the fact that we all have faults


Learn At Your Own Pace

Go through the materials each week as they’re released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule.

If you’re working a full-time job, several part-time jobs, getting married, having a baby, or navigating big life events during your enrollment into any of the courses, don’t worry. You can revisit and review the training materials any time.

Remember, building a successful marriage that matters takes time.

Registration for the Relationship Academy is currently open.

Here's What You'll
Get In The
 Relationship Academy

These relationship online courses provide the vital elements to a successful marriage.

If you are experiencing any of these challenges, the Academy can help if...

You are not happy in your marriage and you want to be happy

Your disagreements end up causing more emotional injury or pain than before

You love your spouse but don't seem to get along

You feel like you're speaking differently languages and can't get on the same page

You know you need to work on communication but don't know how

You want an alternative to counselling/therapy to learn relationship skills


The Relationship Academy is led by Bola Olawale, a speaker, publisher, entrepreneur and a certified life coach based out of Dallas, Texas. As a result of her consistent impact through the years, Bola was listed in 2015 among the YNaija & Leading Ladies Africa 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria. Bola's mission is to help women realize their greatest potential and use their God-given gifts to make an impact in the world.



Enrolment for the next round of the Academy is currently open. Once you complete any of the courses, you can revisit and review the material as much as you want.

Join the Relationship academy by enrolling now

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The investment for the Relationship Academy varies depending on the course.

A payment plan is also available.


To learn more about the Relationship Academy enrolment period, enter your name and email below:

By clicking "Register Today" you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

frequently asked questions

  • How Do I Know if a Life & relationship Coach is for Me?
    Are you ready to move from a place of just surviving to a place of thriving?Do you want to live a more authentic life as the woman you are really meant to be? Or have a thriving marriage? Are you tired of being defined by pain from the past? Would you like some help recognizing the obstacles and barriers that are holding you back from having a more fulfilled marriage?Are you interested in having an unbiased, professional guide to aid your journey? If you are interested in a healthier and happier marriage and life?let’s have a conversation and discover how I might be able to help.uestion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Are There Any Clients You Don’t Work With?
    Yes. I’m glad you asked. I do not work with women who have been victims of physical or sexual abuse. I won’t take clients suffering from schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, anger management issues or serious relationship issues. In some instances, other trauma or special circumstances as defined on a case-by-case basis may prevent us from working together. Of course, I want these women to heal. But I am not a therapist or counselor – and these circumstances require a higher level of support. I happily refer women to other professionals better suited to accommodate these needs.
  • How Many Sessions Will I Need?
    There’s no one answer to this question. I find that most clients benefit from a 3-month, 6- month or a 12-month commitment, but every client’s goals are different and every client’s journey is different. That’s one reason why I offer a complimentary Getting Started Session before we begin. We will have the opportunity to connect and get a sense of the work ahead of us during this initial free session. What Happens if We Finish Before We Use All the Sessions? This is uncommon. We typically need to spend a little extra time on a particular barrier in order to complete the transformation a client is seeking. If, however, you meet your goal ahead of completing the sessions you have already paid for, you have a few options: 1) Bank the extra sessions temporarily and use them to work through another issue or for a time when you need a little extra support. This is the most common decision my clients make. 2) Donate the unused sessions to someone who cannot afford Life Coaching sessions. 3) Receive a refund for the unused portion of the package you selected.
  • Do You Offer Discounts or Special Offers?
    For a limited time, I’m offering 2 introductory specials. In an effort to accommodate every woman who wants help on her transformation journey, I offer a variety of packages and price points. Here are the 2 introductory specials. 1) If you commit to a 3-month package or a 6-month package, the monthly rate is reduced by $100 or $200respectively. 2) If you pay upfront for any package instead of paying month-to-month, your total cost is discounted. With these introductory offers, you could save anywhere from 750$to $2000! See the Rates Page for full package details and pricing. Remember also that my 30-day guarantee applies to all clients, so there’s no risk involved with getting started.
  • If We Discover that We’re Not a Great Fit, Do You Offer a Refund?"
    My coaching comes with a 30-day guarantee. If at any point during the first 30 days of our coaching work you don’t love the work we are doing together, or if it’s not exactly what you need to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, you will receive a full refund. However, just like any other successful partnership, I do expect my clients to engage and apply the information and exercises provided to the best of their ability. Results will be dependent upon client commitment and participation. It only makes sense to invest the time, energy and money into this important partnership if we are a great fit. How Can I Get Details about Upcoming Events Such as Group coaching and workshops I’m excited about the workshop series that I’m developing and eager to work with groups of women who are ready for a change. The best way to stay up-to-date on all the upcoming events is to sign up for my email newsletter. You’ll be among the first to hear when these events are scheduled and the first invited to register.
  • I Think I’m Interested, but I Need More Information. Can We Connect Before Our Sessions Begin?"
    Schedule your free session today! Absolutely. I offer all my clients and potential clients a complimentary Getting Started Session so we both have a chance to connect and see if working together is a good INVEST IN YOURSELF START TODAY
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