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Spiritual Maturity Can Save Your Marriage

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

You can't have an authentic spiritual life without intentionality. Trying to grow spiritually through routines, programs, or even religion does not work. The Spirit gives us life, power, and strength on the inside. This is what is needed. The more intimate you are with the Holy Spirit, the fuller your life will be and the more influence you will wield. (John 10:10; 15:7).

Part of growing spiritually is being healed from the things that hold you back. Forgiveness is a major issue for many, especially in marriage. Letting go of past hurts seems to be a major challenge. One of the advantages of forgiveness is that it allows you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and blaming yourself. Both of these things keep you from being useful for God's kingdom. If you want to have a lasting impact on the lives you touch and live purposefully, you need to work on your own spiritual growth, spiritual maturity, and mental and spiritual health. Becoming spiritually mature is a decision you need to make for yourself, and it shows by your actions. Your spouse will see it in both the words you choose to speak and the actions you take. It is not a destination. But rather, a state that keeps evolving. The more intimate you get with the Holy Spirit, the more mature you become.

You can't allow your challenges in marriage to keep you from living an authentic Christian life.The more spiritually mature you become, the easier it will be to deal with marital issues and maintain your marriage.

This process will help us all find, own, and solve the problems that affect us even outside of marriage. Whether as a culture or as the body of Christ, we all grow and change on our own. We need to wake up spiritually and culturally as well, so that we can go out and overcome whatever challenges life might throw at us.

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