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Our Monthly Progress Coaching program offers clients the chance to stay on track and continue their progress over 6 months or 12 months. With our experienced coaches at your side, you'll be able to maintain focus and momentum as you continue to move toward achieving your goals.


As part of this package, we offer one-on-one, personalized coaching sessions that are tailored to your needs. Our coaches will work with you to help you stay on track each month. We'll also provide accountability and guidance along the way, so you can measure progress toward accomplishing your desired outcomes.


With our Monthly Progress Coaching program, we guarantee results. We have a proven track record of helping our clients stay committed to their goals, and we look forward to continuing to do the same for you!


Ready to take your progress to the next level? Sign up today for Monthly Progress Coaching and start achieving your goals faster than ever before!

In return for committing to monthly coaching, we become your number one supporter and work with you to ensure your desired growth.


In exchange, you'll commit to accomplishing the task at hand, even when it's challenging, and to making the necessary adjustments to operate from a place of creativity, strategy, and ease. 

We will make every effort to support you by getting to the heart of your goal, challenging you to go further than you believe is possible, and providing tools and resources to make it easier and more effective.


We'll provide encouragement and suggestions for your next actions, as well as a healthy dose of tough love if we suspect you're sabotaging your own progress. 

About Progress Coaching


6 Months

Coaching program 




These monthly sessions can take various forms and cover practically any subject, as long as they assist the client in progressing and improving.




These monthly sessions can take various forms and cover practically any subject, as long as they assist the couple in progressing and improving.

Coaching program 

1 Year


These monthly sessions can take various forms and cover practically any subject, as long as they assist the client in progressing and improving.


These monthly sessions can take various forms and cover practically any subject, as long as they assist the couple in progressing and improving.

Progress Coaching

Vision & Exploration


Startup & Discovery Sessions

Contextualization is the focus of the jumpstart sessions. They'll assist us in getting to know you better and expediting work on some of your short-term goals, all while maintaining an eye on your wider strategic vision. 


Strategic Perspectives

Once the coaching objectives have been identified, we will create a high-level strategy for obtaining the life and relationship outcomes you desire. 


Overcoming setbacks (and learning from them) and celebrating victories

When roadblocks occur, we will design a strategy for conquering them, ensuring that you continue to advance despite earlier defeats. We'll decide whether it makes sense to turn around, correct our course, or go forward. And what sort of coaches are we if we don't encourage you to shout your victories from the mountaintops?! We are frequently so eager to move on after accomplishing triumphs (big and small) that a significant part of our work together will be to pause and appreciate all the excellent things you are doing to encourage others. 


Values -Values - Values

We'll define success, go deeply into your values, and ascertain whether your life, relationships, and quarterly milestones are consistent with your priorities. 

In addition, the Vision and Desired Results define clear objectives for our time together, ensuring that we're both on the same page and that you get more than your money's worth out of the experience. 


Prioritization & Milestones

Once we've established a broad picture of what you want to accomplish over the next six to twelve months, we'll prioritize what's most important from session to session and decide where your attention should be directed next. We'll provide relevant templates, tools, and resources in between calls to keep things moving.


Planning for the next steps

As appropriate, we will review your long-term strategy and establish a calendar for the next set of major milestones. In this evaluation, we will evaluate our accomplishments to date and identify any areas for improvement or system optimization in preparation for the next round of projects.


How It Operates

The parts below define our collaborative process while also recognizing that each coaching relationship is unique and will diverge from the strategy as necessary to obtain the best results.


While we may be completely focused on your life or relationship, if business or health issues develop, we can simply take a break to assist you in resolving them first. Coaching is most effective when we approach our lives and problems holistically.


It is vital to evaluate and discuss issues that may seem unrelated to employment. 

The following outline provides a high-level overview of the coaching sessions. Additionally, keep in mind that not all of the actions listed below are sequential.


Depending on your specifications, we may jump around, repeat a few stages, or even skip a step. 


You will meet monthly or bimonthly for continuous coaching. You'll check in frequently to define new strategic objectives and ensure that you're on track to achieve the rapid growth you seek. 

There is a requirement for a six- to 12-month commitment.


While some of our clients achieve their goals in four to six months, others work with us for years, updating and resetting goals as milestones are achieved. 

Due to the nature of our work, we are unable to issue refunds after coaching services, such as phone calls, emails, and other types of support, have been rendered. If you choose to cancel your coaching relationship, we ask that you contact us in advance and finish any outstanding monthly sessions. 


Retainer on a monthly basis with PROGRESS Coaching 

You and your coach will agree on a recurring day and time for sessions; this allows you to plan sessions ahead of time and forget about them (and move meetings as needed). We cherish our time (and, ideally, your own!) and will make every effort to keep our sessions on schedule. If you need to cancel or reschedule a call, please email at least 24 hours in advance. You must find a means to make the call with less than 24 hours' notice or risk forfeiting it. 

Due to the monthly payment cycle associated with the retainer arrangement, our sessions cannot be rescheduled beyond the month for which they were scheduled (but we can certainly email in lieu of the call if you are unable to make it). A "month" of instruction cannot be spread across five or six weeks. 

Our coaching sessions are entirely confidential. This is critical for us to create a secure space for you to discuss whatever is on your mind. We will not disclose our collaboration to anyone without your specific approval, and we will never reveal the substance of our conversations, while you are free to talk or share anything you like outside of coaching calls. At times, we may refer to instances and tales from prior clients who faced and overcame similar situations. By narrating stories in this manner, we can assist you in grasping concepts and elucidating events, ensuring that you acquire what you need to know. Rest assured that essential details are sufficiently removed from reality that it would be difficult to identify actual people and/or their problems. Names are kept confidential and are always encrypted to protect your privacy. 

We aim to empower you and ensure that you benefit fully from this cooperation.


Each session will begin with a discussion of what you hope to gain from it. It would be amazing if you could consider this prior to each of our meetings, and we would provide our own thoughts and comments. Because sessions frequently evolve organically, there is no obligation to stick to the plan. It is simply advantageous to have a session-by-session perspective on success and a beginning point. 


We may make inquiries or "blurt" something out as a result of our visceral reaction to what you've said. However, we are fully prepared to be proven wrong. We will get approximately the same amount of knowledge from your correction as we will from our question (if not far more). 


We may interrupt you or ask you to "recap" if we get too deeply into the story or details. By far, the most effective way to maximize our time together is to focus on the big picture: where you are now, where you want to be, and what you are learning about yourself as a result of those things (without going too far into the story behind them). 

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Let's Do This.

We offer these monthly sessions that can take various forms and cover practically any subject, as long as they assist both the client and couple in progressing and improving.

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